The New York Minute Film Festival

In 2005 the New York Minute Film Festival wanted 60-second masterpieces. Aiming to be the first major online film festival to give both established and emerging filmmakers an opportunity to create, submit and earn widespread recognition for new works in a 60-second format, the 2005 New York Minute Film Festival was made possible with the generous support of Founding Sponsor Convergence, an award-winning visual media company based in New York City.

Entrants not only would find a new outlet for their stories and talents, but also vie for cash prizes, cool gear from festival sponsors, and a chance to attend a New York City screening celebrating the art of rapid-fire storytelling. Films of exactly one minute competed in five categories – drama; comedy; experimental; animation; and music video.

There was online viewing with voting scheduled to begin on August 8, 2005 narrowing the field to 10 finalists in each category by November 2. The deadline for submissions was October 1, 2005. The Festival ultimately received 125 entries from 16 countries.

A panel of celebrities and industry experts reviewed the finalists in each category to determine five overall winners, and announced them at a celebratory screening in New York City on November 17, 2005

The cost to enter one submission was $20. There was no limit to the number of one-minute films a contestant could enter. Part of the proceeds from the New York Minute Film Festival benefited charities dedicated to closing the digital divide.

This website was originally created to promote the festival, expedite submissions, as well as the viewing and voting of the submissions. Sometime after the festival concluded with the winners being announced, the site's domain registration eventually expired. Recently I discovered that the domain was available, so I bought it with the goal of recreating some of its original content from archived pages. The New York Minute Film Festival should not be forgotten.

My older daughter who is in film school was so disappointed she wasn't old enough to make a 1 minute film to submit in 2005. She thinks the concept is great, but should be opened up to a 1 minute film of anywhere in the world. When we were lounging on the lanai of our Maui beachfront vacation rental she said tomorrow I am going to make start using our GoPro to shoot images of a 1 minute film that would epitomize Maui. That is quite a challenge, I said considering all the amazing things we have already done. At the time we were watching an amazing sun set from the fabulous condo we were renting. The sky was ablaze in golds, oranges, all shades of reds to magenta that were slowing changing into purples and then faded to the blues f the night sky. FYI: by the end of our Maui trip she had dozens of "1 minute" movies ranging from our zip line adventure, to our hikes at the Haleakala Crater, to snorkeling, to the Hana road trip. 

Hopefully some other interested party will take up the call and we will see another New York Minute Film Festival or maybe World Wide Minute Film Festival sometime in the future.

The e-Newsletter of the New York Minute Film Festival

As the temperatures continue to rise here in New York City, the NYMFF continues to heat up as we gather momentum in this exciting first year of the festival.

We've been lucky to nail down some amazing sponsors in the past few weeks as well as score some awesome prizes for festival winners. We'll announce our full roster in an upcoming newsletter.

Here's a special inside InSixty scoop...Avid and Final Draft are on board as sponsors of the festival and Stash DVD Magazine has agreed to feature the winners of the animation category of the festival in an issue of their super-hot DVD magazine.

For more information on NYMFF sponsors, check out the sponsor profile in each issue of this newsletter or click on the "Sponsors" link on the NYMFF website. (

In other news, although we only recently started accepting submissions, we already have entries from 9 different countries: USA, Albania, Canada, England, Germany, Iran, South Africa, Uruguay and Yugoslavia.

Have you entered your film yet?


Our Judges

Some of you have asked about our judges. We're really excited about our line up so far and we are profiling a judge in each newsletter edition

To start it off we are honored to have Academy Award wining director Leon Gast as a New York Minute Film Festival Judge. Leon Gast is known for making such seminal documentaries as Hell's Angels Forever and the Oscar-winning chronicle of the 1974 landmark fight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, When We Were Kings (1996).


  • Broadcast Film Critics Association Award 1996
  • IFC/Landmark Truer Than Fiction Film 1996
  • Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award 1996
  • National Society of Film Critics Award 1996
  • New York Film Critics Circle Award 1996
  • Oscar 1996
  • Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Prize for Artistic Merit 1996


Our Sponsors

In each newsletter we'll profile one of our amazing sponsors

We'd like to thank our founding sponsor, Convergence (, for their continuing support.

Convergence is an award winning visual media company based in New York.
Convergence Edit is the full-service editorial division of Convergence,
featuring some of New York's top commercial and film editors including Jeff Cahn,
Richard Rosenbaum, Oren Sarch, Chip Smith and Lora Zaretsky.
Clear, headed by Giovanna Righini, is Convergence’s full-service content research,
clearance and licensing division.
SPINE is another Convergence division, with a specialty in repurposing video
for the web and developing interactive content.
Rocket Club is the production wing of Convergence, with a focus on creating
original programming for television, industrial and theatrical release.


Filmmaking Tip Of the Week


Finding Inspiration

So, you're determined to win the New York Minute Film Festival.
You're all ready to make your one-minute masterpiece.
There's only one thing standing in your way. An idea - you don't have one.
Here are a few suggestions of places to find inspiration for your film.

1) Your favorite song - while you can't use a copyrighted track on your film without permission, there's nothing that says you can't take the plot from a song and turn it into a one-minute narrative.

2) A newspaper or magazine article - sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.Just make sure you change the names to protect the innocent.

3) Just start shooting - sometimes just bringing your camera along with you for a walk in the parkor a vacation will lead to happy coincidences. Get them on tape or film and you may have the beginning of a great 60-second piece!.



Do You Remember These Submissions?


October 23, 2005

goodnight redbaby

Director: potterbrain
Music Production, Editing and Computer Graphics by potterbrain
Enjoy the Movies!!
Posted by jeff at November 5, 2005 05:24 PM
Comments: from one director in this comp. to another, nice work
Posted by: Luis Rafael Prada at November 18, 2005 03:46 PM

October 23, 2005
Thank God For The Mac

Director: Darrell Smith
After being turned down all day trying to find a job and talking to a pretty girl Steve finally finds comfort in his Big Mac.
Enjoy the Movies!!

October 23, 2005
Sursum 1892-1902
Director: Rodger Marion
A poetic look at the unconventional life of the nineteenth-century German-American sculptor Elisabet Ney.
Written, produced, and directed by Rodger Marion.
Narrator – Dianne Marion.
Enjoy the Movies!!
Posted by jeff at October 23, 2005 10:58 AM

October 23, 2005
How are you[GI Joe]?
Director: strach
Music & video: eveningsandweekends
Director: Strach
Holiday images courtesy Matt Smith

October 15, 2005
Crime On A String

Director: Nick Karner
A thief gets more than he expected from a hapless victim's pants!
Rudi Fieldgrass: Victim
Nick Karner: Thief
Dir./Prod./Writer/Ed.: Nick Karner.
Dir. of Phot.: Puneet Mehra.
Asst. Dir.: Beata Chelkowska.
Produced and Distributed by Insane Asylum Features.

October 15, 2005
Shitty Chicken
Director: Nick Karner
A homeless man discovers he has a rare gift!
CAST: Nick Karner as the Bum.
Dir./Prod./Writer/Ed.: Nick Karner.
Dir. of Photography: Puneet Mehra.
Asst. Dir. Beata Chelkowska.
Music by Gareth "Nang" Parkinson.
Produced and Distributed by Insane Asylum Features.

October 15, 2005
School Days
Director: Jason Santelli
I was thinking about my old school days and it hit me, so I made a video interpretation.
You all will remember these days....I think!

A film by: Christian A. Kocinski
Experimental music video combining live action with pixelation, a stop motion animation technique.
Incoherent Astronomy took 1 day to shoot, and up to 24 combined hours of editing.
Music provided by Nemo

October 8, 2005
session of the christ
Directors: Jean-Claude Campell & Marco Bowald

October 8, 2005
Black Eye

Directors: Andrew Robb & Martin Briggs-Watson
When you want a little relief in your life, sometimes you just need the right sign.
Man: Andrew William Robb
Camera: Zuleika Kingdon
Edited by: Martin Briggs-Watson
Produced by: Algernon Productions and Distant Objects
Format: DV, 4:3

October 01, 2005
Scudder Park Northport: New York

Director: Jackson Smith

October 01, 2005
Director: Ric Govea
Writer,Edited,Produced & Directed by Ric Govea.
Starring:Paulina Govea and Tom Anderson.

October 01, 2005
A Glove's Day
Director: Sandra Mareska Baid
This film is made up of a series of photographs of gloves put together to make up the story of A Glove’s Day. The film begins with a photograph of a Glove driving to work at 8: 30am and ends with a photograph of sleeping gloves.
Credits Special Thanks to Robert Jones Mathew Beale Dmitri Oster Alan Waters

October 01, 2005
The Ball
Director: Dave Siriano
This short film is an infomercial of a great new product. Look for it soon!
Thanks to my family and friends who helped me and our church, Faith Temple.
Written and Directed by: Dave and Glenda Siriano

October 01, 2005
The Thong

The real thong!

October 01, 2005

Director: Dave Siriano
This is the story of an office romance. Everyone loves a surprise!
Steven Santana
Mariely Santana
Moises Aguayo

October 01, 2005
Wish Man
Director: Barry Littlefield
This is a film about a man who looks back at his life and wishes he could have made better choices.

August 13, 2005

Director: gary epting
just another little taste of urban anxiety.

August 07, 2005
Lost In Albany NY
Director Roy Buckley
A minute worth of media from a whole year of shooting and interviewing in and around Albany NY.